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Sells the shoes with card Luo Chiyi to hit primarily differently, tom brady uggs also sells the male and female clothing, the handbag, the hat, the glove at present and so on other products. But the shop springs up everywhere differently with card Luo Chimen in China, tom brady uggs present in China only then Beijing blue color harbor and Shenyang palace wall Henglong two main house gate shop sale.   In 2010/2011 fall winter tom brady uggs which soon arrives, two flood tide shoes as if by prior agreement quietly new goods come into the market in the detail: In the color, card Luo Chi chooses riotous in the winter for everybody, Ming Huang, the eggplant purple, flesh color tom brady uggs, the oyster color and so on is the popular color, tom brady uggs also in the many low key color, has joined, the pink flesh color, sky blue, the peppermint green and so on youth color.   But in design, card Luo Chi in hole hole shoes' foundation, in the shoe sole edge has added on black and white side, lets the spacious tom brady uggs shoes body look like changes the feeling compact, also the achievement this year host has hit “the card white horse with a black mane class” the series. In detail, also the hole hole which is familiar with everybody turned “the seal”, and has joined the lining which may heal, more winter maintains warmth.